Last year at the American Arts Festival a woman named Suzanne bought a fire sculpture for a close friend of hers as a birthday present.   As it turned out Suzanne’s friend came over to the studio to exchange it for another piece and at the same time he bought a red OM for his Suzanne’s mother as a Christmas present.   I saw the Suzanne  this year at American Arts and sadly she told me that her mother had passed this June.

Suzanne had asked her friend if he wanted the OM back and he had another idea… Her mother was a long time resident of a spiritual retreat in Taos called the Lama foundation, it was her home for many years.  He suggested giving the OM to the spiritual retreat… so Suzanne rode up to the retreat with her mother’s ashes and the OM… all the people at the retreat took parts of the ashes and they were spread across the beautiful land… and she left the OM with them to grace their walls and help in the memory of her mother.  At a time when I was feeling frustrated and contemplating choices… Suzanne’s story affirmed why I do art and how powerful the web of connections can be from just one piece of art’s journey.